Dewar Brothers has over 40 years’ experience designing and manufacturing bespoke packaging for clients across a diverse range of industries. Our team utilises SolidWorks, the latest CAD design software available. We produce full manufacturing drawing sets that are maintained through our document-management system. This means our repeat customers know they are getting the same exact product time and time again.

Because we are committed to our customers, our designers are at the full disposal of our customers, at no extra charge.


We can design, manufacture and deliver:

We are the only packaging company in Scotland working with timber, foam and corrugated cardboard under the one roof. We don’t send our designs to other manufacturers. By keeping design, testing and manufacturing in-house we are able to maintain greater communication and efficiency between departments.

Because we retain the control of our process, we can focus on providing a flexible service to our customers. Here are some of services we can provide:

  • composite packaging
  • timber pallets and crates
  • shock-mounted containers
  • internal foam and timber fittings
  • two-colour corrugated boxes
  • all FEFCO-style boxes
  • with a variety of corrugated cardboard, from conventional single-wall, to heavy duty AAA flutes

Separate Design Service

The majority of our clients take advantage of our manufacturing expertise and streamlined process. However, if you wish, we can offer design as a distinct service. While design is incorporated for free in the manufacturing process, design as a distinct service will incur a charge.



We are committed to quality and put your packaging under a comprehensive series of environmental and robustness tests, to ensure it will meet and exceed your expectations.


Testing as Distinct Service

Dewar Brothers has managed major packaging test programmes for many companies in the industrial and electronic markets. The knowledge that we have gained in this field can be applied quickly and cost effectively to new applications.

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