Flight Cases

Aluminum custom-made flight are lightweight yet very durable. Our world-class construction make them the perfect solution for presentation cases, sales kits, promotional cases, carrying cases, and shipping cases. They are also an ideal option for OEM applications when you need to build your equipment and instrumentation directly into a case.

Custom cases are the result of close cooperation with our customers. The use of select materials and the high quality standards in production make every aluminum case an asset as well as a durable product that lasts many years.

Using aluminum in professional case fabrication offers key advantages. The low net weight is of particular importance when it comes to larger aluminum cases or cost advantages for the transportation of goods.

Aluminum is also durable, resilient and is in high demand due to its material qualities. Our aluminum cases with foam inserts meet the highest requirements and are suitable for a wide variety of applications in many different fields. You too can benefit from our uncompromising quality and have a case which will outperform all others for many years to come.

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