These cases only interlock with cases of the same footprint (i.e. external length and width)
L20 – Refers to the external lid height = 200mm
L50 – Refers to the external lid height = 500mm

BG030030020300 x 300 x 200mm225 x 225mm250 x 250 x 155mm2.5kg
BG030030030300 x 300 x 300mm225 x 225mm250 x 250 x 250mm3.3kg
BG035034034350 x 340 x 340mm300 x 300mm320 x 320 x 300mm3.5kg
BG042033018420 x 330 x 180mm350 x 255mm340 x 290 x 150mm3.1kg
BG046038015460 x 380 x 150mm395 x 305mm420 x 335 x 105mm3.3kg
BG050045021500 x 450 x 210mm420 x 375mm450 x 400 x 165mm5kg
BG050045031500 x 450 x 310mm425 x 375mm450 x 400 x 265mm5.5kg
BG057032032570 x 320 x 320mm490 x 225mm510 x 265 x 290mm4kg
BG070055037700 x 550 x 370mm580 x 435mm630 x 480 x 315mm9kg
BG078038038780 x 380 x 380mm700 x 290mm720 x 330 x 310mm6kg
BG084031018840 x 310 x 180mm775 x 255mm765 x 255 x 150mm5.2kg
BG084044018840 x 440 x 180mm780 x 375mm765 x 375 x 125mm6.7kg
BG084044067840 x 440 x 675mm775 x 375mm765 x 375 x 620mm13kg
BG084044080840 x 440 x 800mm765 x 375mm765 x 375 x 770mm13.5kg
BG090040040900 x 400 x 400mm795 x 295mm800 x 305 x 325mm12.5kg
BG090055040900 x 550 x 400mm755 x 405mm850 x 490 x 325mm12.5kg
BG090062055900 x 620 x 550mm825 x 520mm860 x 570 x 500mm18kg
BG110110050L201100 x 1100 x 500mm940 x 940mm1040 x 1040 x 350mm35kg
BG110110080L201100 x 1100 x 800mm940 x 940mm1040 x 1040 x 700mm45kg
BG110110080L501100 x 1100 x 800mm940 x 940mm1040 x 1040 x 645mm45kg
BG1101101101100 x 1100 x 1100mm940 x 940mm1035 x 1035 x 940mm55kg
BG1200550401200 x 550 x 380mm1100 x 440mm1150 x 460 x 300mm15kg
BG1240280401240 x 280 x 400mm1165 x 180mm1230 x 225 x 300mm13kg
BG1400320321400 x 320 x 320mm1310 x 230mm1310 x 240 x 235mm13kg
BG1651100451650 x 1100 x 450mm1500 x 940mm1565 x 1020 x 380mm60kg
BG1800740941800 x 740 x 940mm1635 x 585mm1730 x 680 x 750mm55.5kg
BG2150320322150 x 320 x 320mm2065 x 235mm2065 x 235 x 230mm19kg